Building Process

Enquiry about Building Process

Before we give you a plan we want to ensure we give you the right one. Will the design fit on your land? Take in your views? Suit your block orientation? Maximise energy efficiency? For example, if your site slopes, the design should work with the slope, rather than just ‘dig you into a hole’!

Meet with us to discuss a home design that best suits your wants and needs. Together we will select the right design or create something unique to suit your lifestyle, accommodation requirements, preferred design features and budget considerations.

Our first meeting is where we determine the parameters and consider any restrictions that may need to be taken into account. Each building site is individual. A variety of variables can affect site costs. The key points that need to be covered include:

  • Land particulars – covenants, design guidelines, site fall
  • Home size requirements – number of bedrooms, lifestyle needs
  • The level of detail and type of finishes
  • Of course your budget!

We can now fine tune the home with a concept plan to ensure that we are both on the same track. We will also provide an estimate of the cost to build the home. The concept plan allows you to get the floor plan just right in form, function and size. An initial deposit will be taken at this stage to cover the cost of contract document preparation and preliminary plans.

Fully dimensional working drawings are now prepared. A copy will be provided for you to check over. You can then meet with us to review them in detail and make any amendments as required.

As part of our design process you will meet with our qualified interior decorator, Carolyn Farnell from Fresh Ideas Interiors. She will work with you to develop a colour scheme that complements your home design and accommodates your personal style and preferences.

Following colours and finalisation of plan changes a building contract is prepared. This is a very important stage and we ask you to read over the documents carefully to ensure you are satisfied with the detail, as this is how your home will be built!

Our contracts are easy to understand and include all the information required to build your home. For example, specifications, pricing, working drawings (plans) and colours. We are happy to go through these with you in detail and answer any questions you may have.

We feel it is better to make any required adjustments at this stage, rather than later when we are on site. With signed contracts you are now able to finalise any borrowing arrangements prior to site works commencing.

Once we have all of the necessary documents, which may include:

  • Fully signed Building Contract
  • Proof of Land Ownership
  • Proof of Finance to fund the construction
  • Building Permit

we can begin!

You will know in advance when your house construction will begin. We will arrange a “Pre-Site” meeting with you and our Construction Manager, Andrew Gooch who will run through the construction timeline forecast.  Due to variables outside of our control an exact handover date is not given until later in the process. We know you will be impressed with the efficiency of our construction team once we are on site. We pride ourselves on this!

Nearing completion we will arrange a formal “Pre-Handover” on site inspection to ensure your house is as you would expect and allowing us time to make any final adjustments prior to handover. Please note Final Handover cannot occur without all monies owed under the building contract being paid to Linked Building.

Linked Building provides a 7 year structural warranty on all projects. We also offer a 3 month maintenance check to correct any problems that may arise on your home after the “settling period”. Should you have more urgent issues we will deal with them straight away.