Online Site Induction

Enquiry about Trade

Linked building has created this online site induction process for trades, subcontractors and regular delivery contractors to provide consistent, informative content, in an interactive format to ensure the person completing the form has been actively involved and to record their participation in the induction.

It is estimated the form will take 10 – 15 to complete.

Completing this online Induction process Does Not reduce a contractor’s ongoing requirement to be actively involved in contributing to a safe workplace.

Online Site Induction

Thank you for taking the time to complete this induction process. Tradespeople & contractors are a very important part of our business and we see this induction as a method of improving communication channels and developing a safer working environment for all involved.

Why Register?

Linked Building requires all principal contractors & trades to complete this induction process prior to starting work on site. It is encouraged that all employees of contractors will also complete the induction to ensure the information is formally communicated to all workers on Linked Building Sites.